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    The IDBVersionChangeEvent.version property returns The new version of the database in a versionchange transaction.

    Warning: While this property is still implemented in older browsers, the latest specification replaces it with the oldVersion and newVersion attributes. See the compatibility table to know what browsers support them.


    readonly    attribute unsigned long long? version;


    A 64-bit integer.


    Specification Status Comment
    Indexed Database API
    The definition of 'IDBVersionChangeEvent' in that specification.
    Candidate Recommendation  

    Browser compatibility

    Feature Chrome Firefox (Gecko) Internet Explorer Opera Safari (WebKit)
    version 12 webkit

    From 4.0 (2.0) to

    9.0 (9.0) moz

    Not supported Not supported Not supported
    oldVersion 23webkit

    10.0 (10.0) moz
    16.0 (16.0)

    10, partial 15 7.1
    newVersion 23webkit

    10.0 (10.0) moz
    16.0 (16.0)

    10, partial 15 7.1
    Feature Android Firefox Mobile (Gecko) Firefox OS IE Phone Opera Mobile Safari Mobile
    Basic support 4.4 22.0 (22.0) 1.0.1 10 22 Not supported

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