GravitySensor: GravitySensor() constructor

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The GravitySensor() constructor creates a new GravitySensor object which provides on each reading the gravity applied to the device along all three axes.


new GravitySensor()
new GravitySensor(options)


options Optional

Options are as follows:

frequency Optional

The desired number of times per second a sample should be taken, meaning the number of times per second that the reading event will be called. A whole number or decimal may be used, the latter for frequencies less than a second. The actual reading frequency depends on device hardware and consequently may be less than requested. The default frequency is the one defined by the underlying platform.

referenceFrame Optional

The local coordinate system representing the reference frame. It can be either 'device' or 'screen'. The default is 'device'.


SecurityError DOMException

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# dom-gravitysensor-gravitysensor

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