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The FileSystemFileEntry interface's method file() returns a File object which can be used to read data from the file represented by the directory entry.


FileSystemFileEntry.file(successCallback[, errorCallback]);


A callback function which is called when the File has been created successfully; the File is passed into the callback as the only parameter.
errorCallback Optional
If provided, this must be a method which is called when an error occurs while trying to create the File. This callback receives as input a FileError object describing the error.

Editor's note: We need to find out what kinds of errors can occur and document them.

Return value



This example establishes a method, readFile(), reads a text file and calls a specified callback function with the received text (in a String object) once the read is completed. If an error occurs, a specified (optional) error callback is called.

function readFile(entry, successCallback, errorCallback) {
  entry.file(function(file) {
    let reader = new FileReader();

    reader.onload = function() {

    reader.onerror = function() {

  }, errorCallback);

This function calls file(), specifying as its success callback a method which proceeds to use a FileReader to read the file as text. The FileReader's load event handler is set up to deliver the loaded string to the successCallback specified when the readFile() method was called; similarly, its error handler is set up to call the errorCallback specified.


File and Directory Entries API
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