EyeDropper: open() method

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This feature is not Baseline because it does not work in some of the most widely-used browsers.

Secure context: This feature is available only in secure contexts (HTTPS), in some or all supporting browsers.

Experimental: This is an experimental technology
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The EyeDropper.open() method starts the eyedropper mode, returning a promise which is fulfilled once the user has selected a color and exited the eyedropper mode.




options Optional

An options object to pass an AbortSignal signal:

signal Optional

An AbortSignal. The eyedropper mode will be aborted when the AbortSignal's abort() method is called.

Return value

A Promise that eventually resolves when the user selects a pixel color from the screen.

The promise resolves to an object with the following property:


A string representing the selected color, in hexadecimal sRGB format (#aabbcc).


Exceptions are not thrown but returned when the Promise is rejected.

NotAllowedError DOMException

Thrown if open() is not called via a transient user activation.

InvalidStateError DOMException

Thrown if another eye dropper has already opened.

AbortError DOMException

Thrown if the user aborts the selection by pressing the Esc key or if the selection is aborted by an AbortController being passed as an argument to open().

OperationError DOMException

Thrown if the selection fails for other reasons.


EyeDropper API
# dom-eyedropper-open

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