The read-only DataTransferItem.type property returns the type (format) of the DataTransferItem object representing the drag data item. The type is a Unicode string generally given by a MIME type, although a MIME type is not required.

Some example types are: text/plain and text/html.



Return value

A DOMString representing the drag data item's type.


This example shows the use of the type property.

function drop_handler(ev) {
 var data = ev.dataTransfer.items;
 for (var i = 0; i < data.length; i += 1) {
   if ((data[i].kind == 'string') &&
       (data[i].type.match('^text/plain'))) {
     // This item is the target node
     data[i].getAsString(function (s){;
   } else if ((data[i].kind == 'string') &&
              (data[i].type.match('^text/html'))) {
     // Drag data item is HTML
     console.log("... Drop: HTML");
   } else if ((data[i].kind == 'string') &&
              (data[i].type.match('^text/uri-list'))) {
     // Drag data item is URI
     console.log("... Drop: URI");
   } else if ((data[i].kind == 'file') &&
              (data[i].type.match('^image/'))) {
     // Drag data item is an image file
     var f = data[i].getAsFile();
     console.log("... Drop: File ");


Specification Status Comment
HTML Living Standard
The definition of 'type' in that specification.
Living Standard Initial version
HTML 5.1
The definition of 'type' in that specification.
Recommendation Snapshot of the HTML WHATWG document

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