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The DOMRectReadOnly() constructor creates a new DOMRectReadOnly object.


var myDOMRectReadOnly = new DOMRectReadOnly(x, y, width, height);


The x coordinate of the DOMRectReadOnly's origin.
The y coordinate of the DOMRectReadOnly's origin.
The width of the DOMRectReadOnly.
The height of the DOMRectReadOnly.


To create a new DOMPoint, you could run a line of code like so:

myDOMRect = new DOMRectReadOnly(0,0,100,100);
// running 'myDOMRect' in the console would then return
// DOMRect { x: 0, y: 0, width: 100, height: 100, top: 0, right: 100, bottom: 100, left: 0 }

Browser compatibility

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ChromeEdgeFirefoxInternet ExplorerOperaSafariAndroid webviewChrome for AndroidEdge MobileFirefox for AndroidOpera for AndroidSafari on iOSSamsung Internet
Basic supportChrome Full support YesEdge No support NoFirefox Full support YesIE No support NoOpera Full support YesSafari Full support 10.1WebView Android Full support YesChrome Android Full support YesEdge Mobile No support NoFirefox Android Full support YesOpera Android Full support YesSafari iOS Full support 10.1Samsung Internet Android ?


Full support  
Full support
No support  
No support
Compatibility unknown  
Compatibility unknown

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