The DOMPointInit dictionary's w property is used to specify the w perspective value of a point in space when either creating or serializing to JSON a DOMPoint or DOMPointReadOnly object.


var DOMPointInit = {
  w: wPerspective

DOMPointInit.w = wPerspective;

var wPerspective = DOMPointInit.w;


A double-precision floating-point value indicating the point's w perspective value. This value is unrestricted, meaning that it is allowed to be infinite or invalid (that is, its value may be NaN or ┬▒Infinity).

There are two methods which use DOMPointInit:

This value is assumed to be 1 by default if not included in the DOMPointInit object passed into fromPoint().


Geometry Interfaces Module Level 1 (Geometry Interfaces 1)
# dom-dompointinit-w

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