ContactsManager: getProperties() method

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The getProperties() method of the ContactsManager interface returns a Promise which resolves with an Array of strings indicating which contact properties are available.




This method receives no parameters.

Return value

Returns a Promise that resolves with an Array of strings naming the contact properties that can be returned by the current system.

Properties can include the following:

  • 'name': The contact's name.
  • 'tel': The telephone number(s) of the contact.
  • 'email': The email address of the contact.
  • 'address': The contact's postal address.
  • 'icon': The avatar of the contact.


No exceptions are thrown.


Verify Property Support

The following asynchronous function uses the getProperties() method to check whether the current system supports the icon property.

async function checkProperties() {
  const supportedProperties = await navigator.contacts.getProperties();
  if (!supportedProperties.includes("icon")) {
    console.log("Your system does not support getting icons.");

Select Using Only Supported Properties

The following example is similar to one for the select() method. Instead of hard-coding the properties passed to select(), it uses getProperties() to ensure that only supported properties are passed. Otherwise, select() might throw a TypeError. handleResults() is a developer defined function.

const supportedProperties = await navigator.contacts.getProperties();

async function getContacts() {
  try {
    const contacts = await;
  } catch (ex) {
    // Handle any errors here.


Contact Picker API
# contacts-manager-getproperties

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