The read() method of the Clipboard interface requests a copy of the clipboard's contents, delivering the data to the returned Promise when the promise is resolved. Unlike readText(), the read() method can return arbitrary data, such as images. This method can also return text.

To read from the clipboard, you must first have the "clipboard-read" permission.

Note: The asynchronous Clipboard and Permissions APIs are still in the process of being integrated into most browsers, so they often deviate from the official rules for permissions and the like. Be sure to review the compatibility table before using these methods.


var promise =;



Return value

A Promise that resolves with a sequence of ClipboardItem objects containing the clipboard's contents. The promise is rejected if permission to access the clipboard is not granted.


After using navigator.permissions.query() to find out if we have (or if the user will be prompted to allow) "clipboard-read" access, this example fetches the data currently on the clipboard. If it's not a png image, an error message is presented. Otherwise, an image element referred to using the variable imgElem has its source replaced with the clipboard's contents.

// First, ask the Permissions API if we have some kind of access to
// the "clipboard-read" feature.

navigator.permissions.query({ name: "clipboard-read" }).then((result) => {
    // If permission to read the clipboard is granted or if the user will
    // be prompted to allow it, we proceed.

    if (result.state == "granted" || result.state == "prompt") { => {
        for (let i = 0; i < data.length; i++) {
          if (!data[i].types.includes("image/png")) {
            alert("Clipboard contains non-image data. Unable to access it.");
          } else {
            data[i].getType("image/png").then((blob) => {
              imgElem.src = URL.createObjectURL(blob);

Note: At this time, while Firefox does implement read(), it does not recognize the "clipboard-read" permission, so attempting to use the Permissions API to manage access to the API will not work.


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