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The CaptureController interface provides methods that can be used to further manipulate a capture session separate from its initiation via MediaDevices.getDisplayMedia().

A CaptureController object is associated with a capture session by passing it into a getDisplayMedia() call as the value of the options object's controller property.


CaptureController() Experimental

Creates a new CaptureController object instance.

Instance methods

setFocusBehavior() Experimental

Controls whether the captured tab or window will be focused or whether the focus will remain with the tab containing the capturing app.


// Create a new CaptureController instance
const controller = new CaptureController();

// Prompt the user to share a tab, window, or screen.
const stream = await navigator.mediaDevices.getDisplayMedia({ controller });

// Query the displaySurface value of the captured video track
const [track] = stream.getVideoTracks();
const displaySurface = track.getSettings().displaySurface;

if (displaySurface == "browser") {
  // Focus the captured tab.
} else if (displaySurface == "window") {
  // Do not move focus to the captured window.
  // Keep the capturing page focused.


Screen Capture
# dom-capturecontroller

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