The open() method of the CacheStorage interface returns a Promise that resolves to the Cache object matching the cacheName.

You can access CacheStorage through the global caches property.

Note: If the specified Cache does not exist, a new cache is created with that cacheName and a Promise that resolves to this new Cache object is returned.





The name of the cache you want to open.

Return value

A Promise that resolves to the requested Cache object.


This example is from the MDN sw-test example (see sw-test running live). Here we wait for an InstallEvent to fire, then runs waitUntil() to handle the install process for the app. This consists of calling to create a new cache, then using Cache.addAll() to add a series of assets to it.

self.addEventListener('install', function(event) {
  event.waitUntil('v1').then(function(cache) {
      return cache.addAll([


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