CSSRule: cssText property

The cssText property of the CSSRule interface returns the actual text of a CSSStyleSheet style-rule.

Note: Do not confuse this property with element-style CSSStyleDeclaration.cssText.

Be aware that this property can no longer be set directly, as it is now specified to be functionally modify-only, and silently so. In other words, attempting to set it does absolutely nothing, and doesn't even omit a warning or error. Furthermore, it has no settable sub-properties. Therefore, to modify it, use the stylesheet's cssRules[index] properties .selectorText and .style (or its sub-properties). See Using dynamic styling information for details.


A string containing the actual text of the CSSStyleSheet rule.


body {
  background-color: darkblue;
let stylesheet = document.styleSheets[0];
console.log(stylesheet.cssRules[0].cssText); // body { background-color: darkblue; }


CSS Object Model (CSSOM)
# dom-cssrule-csstext

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