Bluetooth: getAvailability() method

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The getAvailability() method of the Bluetooth interface returns true if the device has a Bluetooth adapter, and false otherwise (unless the user has configured the browser to not expose a real value).

Note: A user might not allow use of Web Bluetooth API, even if getAvailability() returns true (navigator.bluetooth.requestDevice() might not resolve with a BluetoothDevice). Also, a user can configure their browser to return a fixed value instead of a real one.





Return value

A Promise that resolves with Boolean.


This method doesn't throw any exceptions.


The following snippet prints out a message in the console specifying whether or not Bluetooth is supported:

navigator.bluetooth.getAvailability().then((available) => {
  if (available) {
    console.log("This device supports Bluetooth!");
  } else {
    console.log("Doh! Bluetooth is not supported");


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