Documentation processes

The MDN documentation project is enormous; there are a vast number of technologies we cover through the assistance of hundreds of contributors from across the world. To help us bring order to chaos, we have standard processes to follow when working on specific documentation-related tasks. Here you'll find guides to those processes.

Matching web features to browser release version numbers

When contributing to the documentation on the MDN web docs site, you will often need to locate and identify version-specific details for a given browser, such as which versions of each major browser implement support for the feature you're documenting. This article provides tips and pointers to help you figure out which version of each major browser introduced a given feature, and when it was enabled by default.

MDN Workstream assessment and project setup process

Workstreams are larger, more involved MDN projects that are designed to be done by multiple people (across organizations) and require planning/process. They start life as content opportunities.

Process for running short surveys

This document defines the process for running short surveys on MDN.

Triage process for MDN content bugs

This document looks at the process for triaging content bugs and getting them ready for contributors to effectively work on.