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These guides provide details on how MDN documentation should be written and formatted, as well as how our code samples and other content should be presented. By following these guides, you can ensure that the material you produce is clean and easy to use.

Best practices
This article describes recommended ways of working with content on MDN. These guidelines describe preferred ways of doing things that lead to better results, or offer advice on deciding among multiple ways of doing similar things.
Code sample guidelines
The biggest advantage to adhering to these guidelines is that it will foster consistency across our samples and demos on MDN, which increases readability and comprehension overall.
CSS style guide
MDN has many built-in global styles available for use when styling and laying out articles — this article serves as a reference guide to what's available, explaining which styles are available and how to use each one.
Does this belong on MDN?
If you're preparing to document something, you may be trying to decide whether to put the information on MDN.
Writing style guide
To present documentation in an organized, standardized, and easy-to-read manner, the MDN Web Docs style guide describes how text should be organized, spelled, formatted, and so on. These are guidelines rather than strict rules.

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