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Coming Soon: MDN Observatory 2.0

Author avatarThe MDN Team1 minute read

At Mozilla, we're committed to fostering a safer and more secure internet ecosystem. As part of this ongoing endeavor, we're thrilled to announce significant updates coming to the Mozilla Observatory, which will soon be a proud part of the Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) as the MDN Observatory.

What's new in MDN Observatory 2.0?

The MDN Observatory, launching soon, will feature a number of exciting updates, including:

Updated scoring metrics

In line with evolving industry standards, we are revising the scoring metrics for web security. Our updated scoring algorithm will provide a more accurate reflection of your website's security, ensuring that you are on the cutting edge of best practices.

Enhanced user interface

With usability in mind, MDN Observatory will feature a redesigned, user-friendly interface to make your experience more efficient and informative.

Real-time security analysis

Our new platform will offer real-time security analysis and actionable recommendations to better guide you in securing your websites.

Integration into MDN

Observatory will be integrated into Mozilla Developer Network, solidifying our commitment to developers and enhancing the wealth of resources already available on MDN.

What does this mean for Observatory users?

If you have previously used Observatory to analyze your website, you should be aware that your security score may change due to the new metrics. We encourage all users to review their security configurations in light of these updates once the MDN Observatory launches in Q2 or early Q3 of 2024.

Your feedback matters

As always, we welcome your feedback and are eager to hear your thoughts about the updated MDN Observatory platform. Feel free to reach out to our team with your comments using the MDN Observatory feedback form. Thank you for being a part of our community. Together, we are making strides toward a safer, more secure internet.

Warm regards,
The MDN Observatory Team

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