Localizing MDN

MDN is used by people all over the world as a reference and guide to Web technologies, as well as to the internals of Firefox itself. Our localization communities are a key part of the Mozilla project; their work in translating and localizing our documentation helps people around the world develop for the open Web. If you'd like to learn more about our localization teams, join one of the teams, or even start a new localization, this is the place to begin.

ترجمة صفحات شبكة مطوري موزيلا
هذا المقال هو دليل أساسي لمعرفة كيفية ترجمة المحتوى على شبكة مطوري موزيلا، بما في ذلك آلية العمل المستخدمة في الترجمة و نصائح حول الطريقة الأمثل للتعامل مع أنواع المحتوى المختلفة.

Localization tools

There are several useful tools that you'll use during localization work:

Used for translation of strings across multiple Mozilla projects, including the MDN user interface (as well as the Firefox user interface).
A utility provided by Mozilla France, which lets you search for occurrences of an English string, finding all the various translations into a target locale that are used throughout Mozilla code. Useful for finding the preferred translations for words or phrases.

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