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web 遊戲開發

歡迎來到 MDN 遊戲開發中心!我們將給想要開發遊戲的 web 開發者,提供 web 遊戲開發相關的資源。你會找到很多有用的教學與技術文章,所以請盡情瀏覽。

我們也涵蓋了參考的章節,你可以從那裡找到遊戲開發最需要用到的一些 API。

注:建立遊戲會需要用上一些 web 的核心技術,如 HTML、CSS、JavaScript。學習專區會是個很好的學習區域。

從原生到 Web

如果你是原生介面開發者(例如,你寫 C++ 的遊戲)、對於怎麼把遊戲移植到 Web 有興趣的話,請看看我們的工具 Emscripten:這是個 LLVM 轉到 JavaScript 的編譯器,它使用了 LLVM 位元碼(例如,使用 Clang 從 C/C++ 產生。其他語言亦可)並編譯到能在 Web 運行的 asm.js



需要 web 遊戲的示例,請參考我們的 示例頁。也請參考下 openwebgames.com 以獲取更多資源與示範!


Build New Games
A collaborative site featuring a large number of open web game development tutorials. Has not been very active recently, but still holds some nice resources.
Creative JS
A collection of impressive JavaScript techniques and experiments, not specific to games, but helpful nonetheless. Has not been very active recently, but still holds some nice resources.
Game programming patterns
An online book, written by Bob Nystrom, which discusses programming patterns in the context of game development with the aim of helping game developers produce more effective and efficient code.
Gamedev.js Weekly
Weekly newsletter about HTML5 game development, sent every Friday. Contains the latest articles, tutorials, tools and resources.
HTML5 Game Devs Forum
Forums for developers, framework creators and publishers. Ask questions, get feedback and help others.
HTML5 Game Engine
List of the most popular HTML5 game frameworks along with their rating, features and samples.
Compare JavaScript Breakout clones in different frameworks to help you choose the right one for you.
Tuts+ Game Development
Tutorials and articles about game development in general.
HTML5 Gamedev Starter
Starter for the new game developers, a curated list of links to various, useful resources around the web.
JavaScript coding competition for HTML5 game developers with the file size limit set to 13 kilobytes. All the submitted games are available in a readable form on GitHub.
Mozilla Hacks blog
Games category on the Mozilla Hacks blog containing interesting gamedev related articles.

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