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在HTML中一个很普通的任务是构建表格数据,有大量的元素和属性是来满足这种需求的。只需要一点儿的CSS来设定风格,HTML让在web上显示表格数据变的很容易,例如你的学校的教学计划,你当地的游泳馆的时刻表, 或者是关于你最爱的恐龙或足球队的统计数据。这个模块会教给你所有你需要知道的关于用HTML构建表格数据的知识。


在你开始这一模块之前,你需要已经了解了HTML的基础知识——看Introduction to HTML.

Note: 如果你是在计算机/平板电脑等其他你无法创建文件的设备上的话,你可以尝试在在线代码编辑平台上运行代码例如 JSBin 或 Thimble.



This article gets you started with HTML tables, covering the very basics such as rows and cells, headings, making cells span multiple columns and rows, and how to group together all the cells in a column for styling purposes.
HTML table advanced features and accessibility
In the second article in this module, we look at some more advanced features of HTML tables — such as captions/summaries and grouping your rows into table head, body and footer sections — as well as looking at the accessibility of tables for visually impaired users.


Structuring planet data
In our table assessment, we provide you with some data on the planets in our solar system, and get you to structure it into an HTML table.


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