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iAvail = window.screen.availLeft

var setY = window.screen.height - window.screen.availTop;
var setX = window.screen.width - window.screen.availLeft;

window.moveTo(setX, setY);


ほとんどの場合においてこのプロパティは、 0 を返します。

2 画面で動作させた場合、このプロパティは右画面がピクセル単位で返す左画面の幅として評価されます。この方法で、左側に利用可能な画面があるかどうか検出することができます(同じことが screen.availTop プロパティにも適用されます)

On Windows, this property depends on which screen is set as your primary, returning the X coordinate of the leftmost available pixel relative to the primary screen. That is, the primary screen's left edge always has the X coordinate 0, even if it's not the leftmost screen. If the secondary screen is to the left of the primary screen, it has a negative X coordinate to compensate:

[1] [2] - on left screen availLeft returns 0, on the right screen it returns the width of the left one

[2] [1] - on left screen availLeft returns -width of that screen, on the right screen, it returns 0


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