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The availLeft read-only property of the ScreenDetailed interface is a number representing the x-coordinate (left-hand edge) of the available screen area inside the OS virtual screen arrangement, relative to the multi-screen origin.

This is equal to the ScreenDetailed.left property, plus the width of any OS UI element drawn on the left of the screen. Windows cannot be placed in those areas, so availLeft is useful for giving you the left boundary of the actual area available to open or place windows.

Note: A non-standard implementation of the availLeft property is available on the Screen interface in all browsers. See the Non-standard example below for usage details, and see the Screen reference page for browser support information relating to the non-standard implementation.


A number.


Window Management API example

// Available in browsers that support the Window Management API
const screenDetails = await window.getScreenDetails();

// Return the availLeft value of the first screen
const screen1AvailLeft = screenDetails.screens[0].availLeft;

Non-standard example

// Available in all browsers
// Return the availLeft value of the current screen
const screenAvailLeft = window.screen.availLeft;


Window Management
# ref-for-dom-screendetailed-availleft

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