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Add-ons Menambah fungsi baru pada aplikasi berbasis Gecko seperti Firefox, SeaMonkey dan Thunderbird. Ada dua jenis "add-on" :  Extensions menambahkan fitur ke aplikasi, sedangkan Tema merubah tampilan pada aplikasi.
Connect with Mozilla
Aktifkan, menginspirasi dan berkolaborasi untuk membuat Web platform utama yang digunakan untuk menciptakan pengalaman di semua perangkat yang terhubung.
Developer Guide
Whether you're an old hand or just getting started, articles you can find starting from this page will help you while you're working on Mozilla development.
Firefox adalah peramban populer milik Mozilla, tersedia untuk berbagai platforms, termasuk Windows, Mac OS X dan Linux pada desktop dan perangkat mobile Android. Dengan kompatibilitas luas, teknologi Web terbaru dan alat pengembangan yang kuat, Firefox adalah yang terbesar untuk pengguna dan pengembang web.
Firefox for Android
For more and more people mobile devices are the primary way, or even the only way, to access the Web. Firefox for Android (codenamed Fennec) is an open, hackable, standards-based browser, just like the desktop Firefox.
Firefox Marketplace
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Gecko adalah nama dari pengatur tata letak yang dikembangkan oleh Proyek Mozilla. It was originally named NGLayout. Gecko's function is to read web content, such as HTML, CSS, XUL, JavaScript, and render it on the user's screen or print it. In XUL-based applications Gecko is used to render the application's user interface as well.
Localization at Mozilla
Localization (L10n) is the process of translating software user interfaces from one language to another and adapting it to suit a foreign culture. These resources are for anyone with an interest in the technical aspects involved in localization.
Mozilla technologies
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Multiple Firefox profiles
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Below you'll find links to documentation about various Mozilla projects; these are often parts of Firefox or other products, but may also be used in other projects as well.
QA: Quality assurance at Mozilla
Here you'll find articles and tools to help you gear up to join the QA team testing Firefox to ensure that each release is as good as it can be.
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Enable, inspire and collaborate to make the Web the primary platform used to create experiences across all connected devices.

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