以下文章內容,與如何下載與組建 Mozilla 的程式碼有關。此外,也會收錄一些有助於理解程式碼如何運作、如何組建 Mozilla 程式的附加元件之類的文章。

Bugzilla (often abbreviated b.m.o) is's bug-tracking system, a database for recording bugs and enhancement requests for Firefox, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Camino, and other projects.
Chrome registration
Chrome 是一拖拉庫在文件 window 範圍之外 AP 視窗的 UI 元件。 管它 Toolbars 、 menu bars、progress bars 還是 window title bars 基本上都是 chrome 的一部份。
Connect with Mozilla
Enable, inspire and collaborate to make the Web the primary platform used to create experiences across all connected devices.
Firefox 是 Mozilla 基金會最受歡迎的網頁瀏覽程式,在眾多平台包含 Windows、Mac OS X、桌面版 Linux 及 Android 行動裝置上發行。 具有廣大相容性,整合最新的 Web 技術和強大的開發工具。不管你是一般使用者還是開發者,Firefox 都是您的最佳選擇。
Firefox Marketplace
許多應用程式中都有使用到Gecko,包括一些瀏覽器,如Firefox, SeaMonkey等等 (完整列表請參考維基百科Gecko的文章.) 。使用相同版本Gecko的程式對於標準都有著相同的支援。
Introduction to Layout in Mozilla
JavaScript code modules
JavaScript code modules let multiple privileged JavaScript scopes share code. For example, a module could be used by Firefox itself as well as by extensions, in order to avoid code duplication.
js-ctypes allows application and extension code to call back and forth to native code written in C. C++ support is possible through vtable pointers see 使用 COM. For a discussion on extended C++ support see bug 505907. Unlike binary XPCOM components, It allows developers to ship a single binary for use with multiple versions of Firefox.
Mercurial (also known as "hg"), is the distributed version control software used for the development of Firefox, Thunderbird, and the shared Gecko core. It replaced CVS after Mozilla 1.9 was branched.
Mozilla MathML Project
The Mozilla MathML project is Mozilla's project to build and enhance MathML support within Firefox and other Mozilla-based applications. For a quick overview, see the slides for the innovation fairs at Mozilla Summit 2013.
Mozilla technologies
Mozilla has several technologies used as components of its projects. These are documented here. (flesh out this text).
Mozilla 在地化
被連接到此的這篇文章將幫助你改進效能,不論你是開發 Mozilla 核心碼或附加元件。
Mozilla Persona 是一個跨瀏覽器的 Web 登入驗證系統,其基本設計精神為易於使用以及易於實作。它可以使用於當今主要的各種瀏覽器環境中,你可以現在就開始使用它。
The preference system makes it possible to store data for Mozilla applications using a key/value pairing system. These articles provide information about how to use the preference system.
Profile Manager
Firefox and other XULRunner applications store user settings and data in special folders, called profiles.    Firefox provides a built-in applet to manage these profiles, but it will eventually be going away (see bug 214675), so a new standalone Profile Manager application has been created, which works with any XULRunner application, and has many features not found in Firefox's built-in version.
Below you'll find links to documentation about various Mozilla projects; these are often parts of Firefox or other products, but may also be used in other projects as well.
QA: Quality assurance at Mozilla
Here you'll find articles and tools to help you gear up to join the QA team testing Firefox to ensure that each release is as good as it can be.
Rust 程式語言
Rust 是個由 Mozilla 及社區志願者所建立的開源系統程式語言,旨在幫助開發者建立快速安全,並充分使用當代多核心處理器強大功能的程式。它會阻止記憶體區段錯誤(segmentation fault)並確保執行緒(thread)安全、並使用簡單明瞭的語法。
Thunderbird is Mozilla's mail/messaging application. These pages document Thunderbird and also provide links to documentation about the MailNews backend which is also used in other projects such as Eudora/Penelope, Seamonkey, Correo, etc.
詐騙網站偵測技術讓 Firefox 能將當前網頁與黑名單兩相比對,藉此得知此網站是否為詐騙網站,並於確認後提醒使用者。
There's ongoing work to implement infallible memory allocators. These are memory allocation routines that never return null; that is, they always successfully return the requested block of memory. This is in contrast to a traditional, fallible memory allocator that can return null indicating that the request failed.
製作 MozSearch 搜尋模組
Firefox 2 使用簡化的 OpenSearch 格式儲存搜尋模組,而 MozSearch 搜尋模組則是描述搜尋引擎、URL 及相關參數的 XML 檔。
附加元件允許開發者擴充並訂製 Firefox 的功能。