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How-to guides

Artikel berikut menyediakan pedoman langkah - langkah untuk mencapai tujuan tertentu ketika berkontribusi di MDN.

How to properly tag pages
There are many ways tags are used to help organize information on MDN; this page will help you learn how to best tag pages to help information be organized, sorted, and located by readers.
How to set the summary for a page
You can define the summary of a page on MDN, to be used in various ways, including in search engine results, in other MDN pages such as topical landing pages, and in tooltips.
MDN account
To make any changes to content on MDN (either by editing a page or contributing a demo), you need an MDN profile. Don't worry, you don't need a profile if all you intend to do is read and search MDN! This simple guide helps you set up your MDN profile.

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