The load instructions, are used to load a number from memory onto the stack.

For the integer numbers, you can also load a narrower number from memory and extend it into a wider type, e.g. load an unsigned 8-bit number and convert it into an i32 (i32.load8_u). These instructions are separate for signed and unsigned numbers.

Try it


;; the offset from where to load the number
i32.const 0

;; load the number at position 0
Instruction Binary opcode
i32.load 0x28
i64.load 0x29
f32.load 0x2a
f64.load 0x2b
i32.load8_s 0x2c
i32.load8_u 0x2d
i32.load16_s 0x2e
i32.load16_u 0x2f
i64.load8_s 0x30
i64.load8_u 0x31
i64.load16_s 0x32
i64.load16_u 0x33
i64.load32_s 0x34
i64.load32_u 0x35