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The WebTransportSendStream interface of the WebTransport API is a specialized WritableStream that is used to send outbound data in both unidirectional or bidirectional WebTransport streams.

The send stream is a writable stream of Uint8Array, that can be written to in order to send data to a server. It additionally provides streaming features such as setting the send order, and getting stream statistics.

Objects of this type are not constructed directly. When creating a unidirectional stream the WebTransport.createUnidirectionalStream() returns an object of this type for sending data. When creating a bidirectional stream using WebTransport.createBidirectionalStream(), the method returns a WebTransportBidirectionalStream, and the send stream object can be obtained from its writable property. When a bidirectional stream is initiated by the remote end, an object of this type can similarly be obtained using WebTransport.incomingBidirectionalStreams.

WebTransportSendStream is a transferable object.

WritableStream WebTransportSendStream

Instance properties

Also inherits properties from its parent interface, WritableStream.

WebTransportSendStream.getStats() Experimental

Returns a Promise that resolves with statistics related to this stream.

Instance methods

Also inherits methods from its parent interface, WritableStream.

WebTransportSendStream.sendOrder Experimental

Indicates the send priority of this stream relative to other streams for which the value has been set.


See WebTransport.incomingUnidirectionalStreams for an example of how to get a ReadableStream of WebTransportSendStream objects.


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