RTCDTMFToneChangeEvent: RTCDTMFToneChangeEvent() constructor

The RTCDTMFToneChangeEvent() constructor creates a new RTCDTMFToneChangeEvent object.


new RTCDTMFToneChangeEvent(type)
new RTCDTMFToneChangeEvent(type, options)



A string with the name of the event. It is case-sensitive and browsers always set it to tonechange.

options Optional

An object that, in addition of the properties defined in Event(), can have the following properties:

tone Optional

A string containing a single DTMF tone character which has just begun to play, or an empty string ("") to indicate that the previous tone has stopped playing. It defaults to "". See Tone characters for details on what characters are permitted.

Return value

A new RTCDTMFToneChangeEvent object, configured as specified in the provided options.


WebRTC: Real-Time Communication in Browsers
# dom-rtcdtmftonechangeevent-constructor

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