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The PushManager.getSubscription() method of the PushManager interface retrieves an existing push subscription.

It returns a Promise that resolves to a PushSubscription object containing details of an existing subscription. If no existing subscription exists, this resolves to a null value.


​PushManager.getSubscription().then(function(pushSubscription) { ... } );




A Promise that resolves to a PushSubscription object or null.


This code snippet is taken from a push messaging and notification sample. (No live demo is available.)

// We need the service worker registration to check for a subscription
  navigator.serviceWorker.ready.then(function(serviceWorkerRegistration) {
    // Do we already have a push message subscription?
      .then(function(subscription) {
        // Enable any UI which subscribes / unsubscribes from
        // push messages.
        var pushButton = document.querySelector('.js-push-button');
        pushButton.disabled = false;

        if (!subscription) {
          // We aren’t subscribed to push, so set UI
          // to allow the user to enable push

        // Keep your server in sync with the latest subscriptionId

        // Set your UI to show they have subscribed for
        // push messages
        pushButton.textContent = 'Disable Push Messages';
        isPushEnabled = true;
      .catch(function(err) {
        window.Demo.debug.log('Error during getSubscription()', err);


Specification Status Comment
Push API
The definition of 'getSubscription()' in that specification.
Working Draft Initial definition.

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