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A PresentationRequest object is used to initiate or reconnect to a presentation made by a controlling browsing context. The PresentationRequest object MUST be implemented in a controlling browsing context provided by a controlling user agent.

When a PresentationRequest is constructed, the given urls MUST be used as the list of presentation request URLs which are each a possible presentation URL for the PresentationRequest instance.

EventTarget PresentationRequest


PresentationRequest() Experimental

Creates a PresentationRequest.

Instance properties


Instance methods

PresentationRequest.start() Experimental

Returns a Promise that resolves with a PresentationConnection after the user agent prompts the user to select a display and grant permission to use that display.

PresentationRequest.reconnect() Experimental

When the reconnect(presentationId) method is called on a PresentationRequest presentationRequest, the user agent MUST run the following steps to reconnect to a presentation.

PresentationRequest.getAvailability() Experimental

When the getAvailability() method is called, the user agent MUST run the steps as the link.


Presentation API
# interface-presentationrequest

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