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The PresentationConnection interface of the Presentation API provides methods and properties for managing a single presentation. Each presentation connection is represented by a PresentationConnection object. Both the controlling user agent and receiving user agent MUST implement PresentationConnection.

EventTarget PresentationConnection

Instance properties

PresentationConnection.binaryType Experimental

Returns either blob or arrayBuffer. When a PresentationConnection object is created, its binaryType IDL attribute MUST be set to the string " arraybuffer". Read only Experimental

Provides the presentation connection identifier.

PresentationConnection.state Read only Experimental

Returns the presentation connection's current state.

PresentationConnection.url Read only Experimental

Returns the URL used to create or reconnect to the presentation.

Event handlers

PresentationConnection.onclose Experimental

Fired when there is a call to PresentationConnection.close().

PresentationConnection.onconnect Experimental

Fired when a presentation connection is established.

PresentationConnection.onmessage Experimental

Fired when there is a call to PresentationConnection.send().


Fired when there is a call to PresentationConnection.terminate().

Instance methods

PresentationConnection.close() Experimental

Closes the current connection and sends a PresentationConnectionCloseEvent to PresentationConnection.onclosed.

PresentationConnection.send() Experimental

Sends either binary or text data between a controlling browsing context and a presenting browsing context.

PresentationConnection.terminate() Experimental

Terminates the current connection and fires PresentationConnection.onterminated.


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