MessageChannel: port1 property

Note: This feature is available in Web Workers.

The port1 read-only property of the MessageChannel interface returns the first port of the message channel — the port attached to the context that originated the channel.


A MessagePort object, the first port of the channel, that is the port attached to the context that originated the channel.


In the following code block, you can see a new channel being created using the MessageChannel() constructor. When the <iframe> has loaded, we pass port2 to the <iframe> using MessagePort.postMessage along with a message. The handleMessage handler then responds to a message being sent back from the <iframe> (using onmessage), putting it into a paragraph. The handleMessage method is associated to the port1 to listen when the message arrives.

const channel = new MessageChannel();
const para = document.querySelector("p");

const ifr = document.querySelector("iframe");
const otherWindow = ifr.contentWindow;

ifr.addEventListener("load", iframeLoaded, false);

function iframeLoaded() {
  otherWindow.postMessage("Hello from the main page!", "*", [channel.port2]);

channel.port1.onmessage = handleMessage;
function handleMessage(e) {
  para.innerHTML =;


HTML Standard
# dom-messagechannel-port1-dev

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