The MediaSessionActionDetails dictionary's seekTime property is always included when a seekto action is sent to the action handler callback. Its value is the absolute time, in seconds, to move the current play position to.

To change the time by an offset rather than moving to an absolute time, the seekforward or seekbackward actions should be used instead.


let mediaSessionActionDetails = { seekTime: absTimeInSeconds };

let absTime = mediaSessionActionDetails.seekTime;


A floating-point value indicating the absolute time in seconds into the media to which to move the current play position.

Usage notes

To perform a "fast" seek (such as when issuing multiple seekto actions in sequence while handling a scrubbing operation, the details object's fastSeek property's value is set to true, indicating that you should minimize or eliminate anything you do while handling the action that is only necessary at the final step.

If the value of fastSeek is false, or fastSeek is missing, the action should be treated as the final action of the operation, and you should finalize any details that need to be handled.


Media Session Standard (Media Session)
# dom-mediasessionactiondetails-seektime

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