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The metadata property of the MediaSession interface contains a MediaMetadata object  providing descriptive information about the currently playing media, or null if the metadata has not been set. This metadata is provided by the browser to the device for presentation in any standard media control user interface the device might offer.


var mediaMetadata = navigator.mediaSession.metadata;
navigator.mediaSession.metadata = mediaMetadata;


An instance of MediaMetadata containing information about the media currently being played.


The following example checks for compatibility and creates a new media session with the relevant metadata:

if ('mediaSession' in navigator) {
  navigator.mediaSession.metadata = new MediaMetadata({
    title: 'Unforgettable',
    artist: 'Nat King Cole',
    album: 'The Ultimate Collection (Remastered)',
    artwork: [
      { src: '',   sizes: '96x96',   type: 'image/png' },
      { src: '', sizes: '128x128', type: 'image/png' },
      { src: '', sizes: '192x192', type: 'image/png' },
      { src: '', sizes: '256x256', type: 'image/png' },
      { src: '', sizes: '384x384', type: 'image/png' },
      { src: '', sizes: '512x512', type: 'image/png' },



Specification Status Comment
Media Session Standard
The definition of 'MediaSession.metadata' in that specification.
Draft Initial definition.

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