The Boolean property fastSeek in the MediaSessionActionDetails dictionary is an optional value which, when specified and true, indicates that the requested seekto operation is part of an ongoing series of seekto operations. Your handler should take steps to return as quickly as possible by skipping any steps of its operation which are only necessary when the seek operation is complete.

Once fastSeek is false or not present, the repeating series of seekto actions is complete and you can finalize the state of your web app or content.


let mediaSessionActionDetails = { fastSeek: shouldFastSeek };

let shouldFastSeek = mediaSessionActionDetails.fastSeek;


A Boolean which is true if the action is part of an ongoing series of seek actions which should be treated as part of an overall seek operation. If the value is false or this property isn't present, the seek is final.


Media Session Standard (Media Session)
# dom-mediasessionactiondetails-fastseek

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