InterventionReportBody: lineNumber property

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The lineNumber read-only property of the InterventionReportBody interface returns the line in the source file in which the intervention occurred.

Note: This property is most useful alongside InterventionReportBody.sourceFile as it enables the location of the line in that file where the feature is used.


An integer, or null if the line is not known.


In this example we create a new ReportingObserver to observe intervention reports, then print the value of lineNumber to the console.

const options = {
  types: ["intervention"],
  buffered: true,

const observer = new ReportingObserver((reports, observer) => {
  const firstReport = reports[0];
  console.log(firstReport.type); // intervention
  console.log(firstReport.body.sourceFile); // the source file
  console.log(firstReport.body.lineNumber); // the line in that file
}, options);


Intervention Reporting
# dom-interventionreportbody-linenumber

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