FormData: FormData() constructor

Note: This feature is available in Web Workers.

The FormData() constructor creates a new FormData object.


new FormData()
new FormData(form)
new FormData(form, submitter)


form Optional

An HTML <form> element — when specified, the FormData object will be populated with the form's current keys/values using the name property of each element for the keys and their submitted value for the values. It will also encode file input content.

submitter Optional

A submit button that is a member of the form. If the submitter has a name attribute or is an <input type="image">, its data will be included in the FormData object (e.g. btnName=btnValue).



Thrown if the specified submitter is not a submit button.

NotFoundError DOMException

Thrown if the specified submitter isn't a member of the form. The submitter must be either a descendant of the form element or must have a form attribute referring to the form.


Creating an empty FormData

The following line creates an empty FormData object:

const formData = new FormData();

You could add a key/value pair to this using append():

formData.append("username", "Chris");

Prepopulating from a HTML form element

You can specify the optional form and submitter arguments when creating the FormData object, to prepopulate it with values from the specified form.

Note: Only successful form controls are included in a FormData object, i.e. those with a name and not in a disabled state.


<form id="form">
  <input type="text" name="text1" value="foo" />
  <input type="text" name="text2" value="bar" />
  <input type="text" name="text2" value="baz" />
  <input type="checkbox" name="check" checked disabled />
  <button name="intent" value="save">Save</button>
  <button name="intent" value="saveAsCopy">Save As Copy</button>

<output id="output"></output>


const form = document.getElementById("form");
const submitter = document.querySelector("button[value=save]");
const formData = new FormData(form, submitter);

const output = document.getElementById("output");

for (const [key, value] of formData) {
  output.textContent += `${key}: ${value}\n`;


For brevity, the <form> element is hidden from view.


XMLHttpRequest Standard
# dom-formdata

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