DOMMatrix: DOMMatrix() constructor

The DOMMatrix constructor creates a new DOMMatrix object which represents 4x4 matrices, suitable for 2D and 3D operations.


new DOMMatrix()
new DOMMatrix(init)


init Optional

An array of numbers specifying the matrix you want to create, or a CSS transform string.

In case an array of numbers is passed, the behavior depends on the length of the array:

  • for a 6-element array of components in the form [a, b, c, d, e, f], a 2D matrix is created, initialized with the provided components.
  • for a 16-element array of components (in the column-major order) in the form [m11, m12, m13, …, m42, m43, m44], a 3D matrix is created, initialized with the provided components.


This example creates a DOMMatrix to use as an argument for calling Point.matrixTransform().

const point = new DOMPoint(5, 4);
const scaleX = 2;
const scaleY = 3;
const translateX = 12;
const translateY = 8;
const angle = Math.PI / 2;
const matrix = new DOMMatrix([
  Math.cos(angle) * scaleX,
  Math.sin(angle) * scaleX,
  -Math.sin(angle) * scaleY,
  Math.cos(angle) * scaleY,
const transformedPoint = point.matrixTransform(matrix);


Geometry Interfaces Module Level 1
# dom-dommatrix-dommatrix

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