The DOMMatrix constructor creates a new DOMMatrix object which represents 4x4 matrices, suitable for 2D and 3D operations.


var domMatrix = new DOMMatrix([init])


init Optional

An array of numbers specifying the matrix you want to create, or a CSS transform string.

In case an array of numbers is passed, the behavior depends on the length of the array:

  • for a 6-element array of components in the form [a, b, c, d, e, f], a 2D matrix is created, initialized with the provided components.
  • for a 16-element array of components (in the column-major order) in the form [m11, m12, m13, …, m42, m43, m44], a 3D matrix is created, initialized with the provided components.


This example creates a DOMMatrix to use as an argument for calling Point.matrixTransform().

var point = new DOMPoint(5, 4);
var scaleX = 2;
var scaleY = 3;
var translateX = 12;
var translateY = 8;
var angle = Math.PI / 2;
var matrix = new DOMMatrix([
  Math.sin(angle) * scaleX,
  Math.cos(angle) * scaleX,
  -Math.sin(angle) * scaleY,
  Math.cos(angle) * scaleY,
var transformedPoint = point.matrixTransform(matrix);


Geometry Interfaces Module Level 1 (Geometry Interfaces 1)
# dom-dommatrix-dommatrix

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