ContentIndex: delete() method

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The delete() method of the ContentIndex interface unregisters an item from the currently indexed content.

Note: Calling delete() only affects the index. It does not delete anything from the Cache.


ContentIndex.delete(id).then(/* … */)


This method receives no parameters.

Return value

Returns a Promise that resolves with undefined


No exceptions are thrown.


Below is an asynchronous function, that removes an item from the content index. We receive a reference to the current ServiceWorkerRegistration, which allows us to access the index property and thus access the delete method.

async function unregisterContent(article) {
  // reference registration
  const registration = await navigator.serviceWorker.ready;

  // feature detect Content Index
  if (!registration.index) return;

  // unregister content from index
  await registration.index.delete(;

The delete method can also be used within the service worker scope.



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