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Firefox 3 offers improved Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) support over prior versions of Firefox. While these features are documented elsewhere, this article serves as a convenient list so you can easily determine which features were added in Firefox 3.

  • The foreignObject element is now supported (bug 326966). See the specification or this article for details.
  • pattern element support (spec)
  • mask element support (spec)
  • Support for all SVG 1.1 filters (spec):
    • filter
    • feDistantLight
    • fePointLight
    • feSpotLight
    • feBlend
    • feColorMatrix
    • feConvolveMatrix
    • feComponentTransfer, feFuncR, feFuncG, feFuncB, feFuncA
    • feComposite
    • feConvolveMatrix
    • feDiffuseLighting
    • feDisplacementMap
    • feDistantLight
    • feFlood
    • feGaussianBlur
    • feImage
    • feMerge, feMergeNode
    • feMorphology
    • feOffset
    • fePointLight
    • feSpecularLighting
    • feTurbulence
    • feTile
  • <a> element handling in SVG has had several bugs fixed; see bug 267664, bug 268135, bug 267664, bug 317270 and bug 267664.
  • The SVG DOM Methods getNumberOfChars(), getComputedTextLength(), getSubStringLength(), getStartPositionOfChar(), getEndPositionOfChar(), getRotationOfChar(), and getCharNumAtPosition() have been implemented.
  • the xml:space attribute support (spec)
  • fallback fill/stroke are now supported (spec)
  • em and ex units are now supported for indicating lengths (bug 305859).

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