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User interface


为了能给用户提供在不同场景下都具有价值的功能, WebExtensions 提供了许多的用户界面选项。下面是这些选项的摘要,在本章中将会对每个选项做出更详细的说明。

UI 选项 描述 实例
浏览器工具栏按钮 工具栏上一个可点击的按钮,点击时将事件派发到附件组件上。默认情况下,这个按钮在栏位中是可见的。 Example of a WebExtension toolbar button
带有弹出面板的工具栏按钮 当这个在工具栏上的按钮被点击时,它会弹出一个面板。这个面板使用 HTML 文档编写,用于处理与用户的交互行为。 Example of a WebExtension toolbar button with a popup
Address bar button A button on the browser address bar that dispatches an event to the add-on when clicked. By default, the button is hidden in all tabs. Example showing an address bar button (page action)
Address bar button with a popup A popup on a button in the browser address bar that opens when the button is clicked. The popup is defined in an HTML document that handles the user interaction. Example of a popup on the address bar button
Context menu items Menu items, checkboxes, and radio buttons on one or more of the browser's context menus. Also, menus can be structured by adding separators. When menu items are clicked, an event is dispatched to the add-on.

An HTML document displayed next to a web page, with the option for unique content per page. The sidebar is opened when the add-on is installed, then obeys the user's sidebar visibility selection. User interaction within the sidebar is handled by its HTML document.

Example of a WebExtension's sidebar
Options page A page that enables you to define preferences for your WebExtension that your users can change. The user can access this page in the from the browser's add-ons manager. Example showing the options page content added in the favorite colors example.
Bundled web pages Use web pages included in your WebExtension to provide forms, help, or any other content required, within windows or tabs. Example of a simple bundled page displayed as a detached panel.
Notifications Transient notifications displayed to the user through the underlying operating system's notifications mechanism. Dispatches an event to the add-on when the user clicks a notification, or when a notification closes (either automatically or at the user's request). Example notification from a WebExtension
Address bar suggestions Offer custom address bar suggestions when the user enters a keyword. Example showing the result of the firefox_code_search WebExtension's customization of the address bar suggestions.
Developer tools panels A tab with an associated HTML document that displays in the browser's developer tools. New panel tab in the Developer Tools tab bar

The following how-to guides provide step-by-step guidance to creating some of these user interface options:


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