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The Event() constructor creates a new Event.


 event = new Event(typeArg, eventInit);


Is a DOMString representing the name of the event.
eventInit Необязательный
Is an EventInit dictionary, having the following fields:
  • "bubbles": (Optional) A Boolean indicating whether the event bubbles. The default is false.
  • "cancelable": (Optional) A Boolean indicating whether the event can be canceled. The default is false.
  • "composed": (Optional) A Boolean indicating whether the event will trigger listeners outside of a shadow root. The default is false. 


// create a look event that bubbles up and cannot be canceled

var evt = new Event("look", {"bubbles":true, "cancelable":false});

// event can be dispatched from any elmement, not only the document


Specification Status Comment
Определение 'Event()' в этой спецификации.
Живой стандарт Initial definition.

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BasicSupport 15.0 11 (11) Нет 11.60 Nightly build (535.2)
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