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HTML Main 요소 (<main>) 는 문서나 앱의 <body> 의 메인 컨텐츠를 나타냅니다. The main content area consists of content that is directly related to, or expands upon the central topic of a document or the central functionality of an application. This content should be unique to the document, excluding any content that is repeated across a set of documents such as sidebars, navigation links, copyright information, site logos, and search forms (unless, of course, the document's main function is as a search form).

참고: <main><article>, <aside>, <footer>, <header>, <nav> 요소의 후손이여서는 안됩니다.

작성자는  문서에 1개 초과의 main 요소를 포함해서는 안됩니다.


이 요소는 전역 속성만을 포함합니다.


<!-- other content -->

  <p>The apple is the pomaceous fruit of the apple tree.</p>
    <h2>Red Delicious</h2>
    <p>These bright red apples are the most common found in many
    <p>... </p>
    <p>... </p>

    <h2>Granny Smith</h2>
    <p>These juicy, green apples make a great filling for
    apple pies.</p>
    <p>... </p>
    <p>... </p>


<!-- other content -->


사양 상태 주석
WHATWG HTML Living Standard
The definition of '<main>' in that specification.
Living Standard Removed the restriction about not using <main> as a descendent of an <article>, <aside>, <footer>, <header>, or <nav> element.
The definition of '<main>' in that specification.
Working Draft HTML5와 변함 없음
The definition of '<main>' in that specification.
Recommendation Initial definition.

브라우저 호환성

<main> 요소는 대부분의 브라우저에서 지원됩니다(인터넷 익스플로러 제외). It is suggested that until <main> element is supported in Internet Explorer, the "main" ARIA role be added to the <main> element:

<main role="main">

기능 Chrome Firefox (Gecko) Internet Explorer Opera Safari (WebKit)
Basic support Chrome 26 21.0 (21.0) Not supported Opera 16 Safari 7
기능 Android Firefox Mobile (Gecko) IE Phone Opera Mobile Safari Mobile
Basic support Not supported 21.0 (21.0) Not supported Not supported Not supported

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