The DataTransferItemList object is a list of DataTransferItem objects representing items being dragged. During a drag operation, each DragEvent has a dataTransfer property and that property is a DataTransferItemList.

This interface has no constructor.


DataTransferItemList.length 読取専用

An unsigned long that is the number of drag items in the list.


DataTransferItemList.add() (en-US)

Adds an item (either a File object or a string) to the drag item list and returns a DataTransferItem object for the new item.

DataTransferItemList.remove() (en-US)

Removes the drag item from the list at the given index.


Removes all of the drag items from the list.

DataTransferItemList.DataTransferItem() (en-US)

Getter that returns a DataTransferItem at the given index.


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Specification Status Comment
HTML Living Standard
DataTransferItemList の定義
HTML 5.1
DataTransferItemList の定義
勧告 Not included in W3C HTML5 勧告

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