The reinterpret instructions, are used to reinterpret the bits of a number as a different type.

Try it


;; the value `10000000_00000000_00000000_00000000` in binary
;; maps to `-0` as a floating point and to `-2147483648` as an integer

;; push an f32 onto the stack
f32.const -0

;; reinterpret the bytes of the f32 as i32

;; the top item on the stack will now be the value -2147483648 of type i32
Instruction Binary opcode
i32.reinterpret_f32 0xbc
i64.reinterpret_f64 0xbd
f32.reinterpret_i32 0xbe
f64.reinterpret_i64 0xbf