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The VirtualKeyboard interface of the VirtualKeyboard API is useful on devices that have on-screen virtual keyboards, such as tablets, mobile phones, or other devices where a hardware keyboard may not be available.

The VirtualKeyboard interface makes it possible to opt out of the automatic way browsers handle on-screen virtual keyboards by reducing the height of the viewport to make room for the virtual keyboard. You can prevent the browser from changing the size of the viewport, detect the position and size of the virtual keyboard — adapting the layout of your web page as a follow-up — and programmatically show or hide the virtual keyboard.

You access the VirtualKeyboard interface by using navigator.virtualKeyboard.

EventTarget VirtualKeyboard

Instance properties

The VirtualKeyboard interface inherits properties from its parent, EventTarget.

VirtualKeyboard.boundingRect Read only Experimental

A DOMRect that describes the geometry of the virtual keyboard.

VirtualKeyboard.overlaysContent Experimental

A Boolean that defines whether the browser should stop handling the on-screen virtual keyboard.

Instance methods

The VirtualKeyboard interface inherits methods from its parent, EventTarget. Experimental

Show the virtual keyboard.

VirtualKeyboard.hide() Experimental

Hide the virtual keyboard.


geometrychange Experimental

Fires when the geometry of the on-screen virtual keyboard changes, which happens when the virtual keyboard appears or disappears.


The following example demonstrates how to opt out of the automatic virtual keyboard behavior, and detect the geometry of the virtual keyboard in the web page:

if ("virtualKeyboard" in navigator) {
  navigator.virtualKeyboard.overlaysContent = true;

  navigator.virtualKeyboard.addEventListener("geometrychange", (event) => {
    const { x, y, width, height } =;


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