TextDecoder: TextDecoder() constructor

The TextDecoder() constructor returns a newly created TextDecoder object for the encoding specified in parameter.


new TextDecoder()
new TextDecoder(label)
new TextDecoder(label, options)


label Optional

A string, defaulting to "utf-8". This may be any valid label.

options Optional

An object with the following properties:

fatal Optional

A boolean value indicating if the TextDecoder.decode() method must throw a TypeError when decoding invalid data. It defaults to false, which means that the decoder will substitute malformed data with a replacement character.

ignoreBOM Optional

A boolean value indicating whether the byte order mark will be included in the output or skipped over. It defaults to false, which means that the byte order mark will be skipped over when decoding and will not be included in the decoded text.



Thrown if the value of label is unknown, or is one of the values leading to a 'replacement' decoding algorithm ("iso-2022-cn" or "iso-2022-cn-ext").


const textDecoder1 = new TextDecoder("iso-8859-2");
const textDecoder2 = new TextDecoder();
const textDecoder3 = new TextDecoder("csiso2022kr", { fatal: true }); // Allows TypeError exception to be thrown.
const textDecoder4 = new TextDecoder("iso-2022-cn"); // Throw a RangeError exception.


Encoding Standard
# ref-for-dom-textdecoder①

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