Experimental: This is an experimental technology
Check the Browser compatibility table carefully before using this in production.

The body read-only property of the Report interface returns the body of the report, which is a ReportBody object containing the detailed report information.


A ReportBody object containing the detailed report information. Depending on what type the Report is, the object returned will actually be a DeprecationReportBody, InterventionReportBody, CrashReportBody, or FeaturePolicyViolationReportBody. These all inherit from the base ReportBody class — study their reference pages for more information on what the particular report body types contain.


let options = {
  types: ['deprecation'],
  buffered: true

let observer = new ReportingObserver(function(reports, observer) {
  let firstReport = reports[0];
  // Log the first report's report body, i.e. a DeprecationReportBody object
}, options);


Reporting API
# dom-report-body

Browser compatibility

This feature is not yet available by default in any released browser. It can be activated in Firefox by setting dom_reporting_enabled to true and in Chrome if you enable this experimental feature.

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