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The PermissionStatus interface of the Permissions API provides the state of an object and an event handler for monitoring changes to said state.

Properties Read only

Returns the name of a requested permission, identical to the name passed to Permissions.query.

PermissionStatus.state Read only

Returns the state of a requested permission; one of 'granted', 'denied', or 'prompt'.

PermissionStatus.statusRead only

Returns the state of a requested permission; one of 'granted', 'denied', or 'prompt'. Later versions of the specification replace this with PermissionStatus.state.

Event Handler


An event called whenever PermissionStatus.status changes.


navigator.permissions.query({name:'geolocation'}).then(function(permissionStatus) {
  console.log('geolocation permission status is ', permissionStatus.state);
  permissionStatus.onchange = function() {
    console.log('geolocation permission status has changed to ', this.state);


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