The getEntriesByName() method of the PerformanceObserverEntryList interface returns a list of explicitly observed performance entry objects for a given name and entry type. The list's members are determined by the set of entry types specified in the call to the observe() method. The list is available in the observer's callback function (as the first parameter in the callback).

This method is exposed to Window and Worker interfaces.


getEntriesByName(name, type)



A string representing the name of the entry to retrieve.

type Optional

A string representing the type of entry to retrieve such as "mark". The valid entry types are listed in PerformanceEntry.entryType.

Return value

A list of explicitly observed performance entry objects that have the specified name and type. If the type argument is not specified, only the name will be used to determine the entries to return. The items will be in chronological order based on the entries' startTime. If no objects meet the specified criteria, an empty list is returned.


function print_perf_entry(pe) {
  console.log(`name: ${}`);
  console.log(`entryType: ${pe.entryType}`);
  console.log(`startTime: ${pe.startTime}`);
  console.log(`duration: ${pe.duration}`);

// Create observer for all performance event types
const observe_all = new PerformanceObserver((list, obs) => {
  // Print all entries
  let perfEntries = list.getEntries();
  perfEntries.forEach((entry) => print_perf_entry(entry));

  // Print entries named "Begin" with type "mark"
  perfEntries = list.getEntriesByName("Begin", "mark");
  perfEntries.forEach((entry) => print_perf_entry(entry));

  // Print entries with type "mark"
  perfEntries = list.getEntriesByType("mark");
  perfEntries.forEach((entry) => print_perf_entry(entry));

// Subscribe to all performance event types
  entryTypes: ['frame', 'mark', 'measure', 'navigation', 'resource', 'server'],

const observe_frame = new PerformanceObserver((list, obs) => {
  const perfEntries = list.getEntries();
  // Should only have 'frame' entries
  perfEntries.forEach((entry) => print_perf_entry(entry));

// Subscribe to only the 'frame' event
observe_frame.observe({ entryTypes: ['frame'] });


Performance Timeline
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