NavigationCurrentEntryChangeEvent: navigationType property

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The navigationType read-only property of the NavigationCurrentEntryChangeEvent interface returns the type of the navigation that resulted in the change. The property may be null if the change occurs due to Navigation.updateCurrentEntry().


An enumerated value representing the type of navigation.

The possible values are:

  • push: A new location is navigated to, causing a new entry to be pushed onto the history list.
  • reload: The Navigation.currentEntry is reloaded.
  • replace: The Navigation.currentEntry is replaced with a new history entry. This new entry will reuse the same key, but be assigned a different id.
  • traverse: The browser navigates from one existing history entry to another existing history entry.


navigation.addEventListener("currententrychange", (event) => {


HTML Standard
# dom-navigationcurrententrychangeevent-navigationtype-dev

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